Recreation Master Plan & All-Star Park Design Concept For Blackfalds

Apr 12, 2018

Exciting future for Blackfalds!

The Recreation, Culture, and Parks Needs Assessment and Master Plan has
been developed to provide the Town of Blackfalds with a roadmap for the
future delivery of recreation, culture, and parks facilities and services over
the next 10 years and beyond. The Master Plan is built upon the Town’s
2008 Facility and Parks Needs Assessment Master Plan and presents a
renewed vision and desired outcomes for recreation, culture, and parks that
reflect a growing and evolving community. The Master Plan has also been
developed to align with the recently endorsed Framework for Recreation in
Canada 2015: Pathways to Wellbeing; aligning with this nationally accepted
document ideally positions the Town and Master Plan in the broader context
of recreation best practices and policy development.

The Master Plan outlines 31 Strategic Directions which are organized into
the key service areas of:

1. Service Delivery: How can the Town most effectively provide
recreation, culture, and parks?
2. Infrastructure: How can the Town sustain existing facilities,
amenities, and spaces and plan for future needs? and
3. Programming, Opportunities, and Events: How can the Town
ensure that recreation, culture, and parks programs and events are
relevant and meet community needs?"

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